Our Norski Lacrosse Board plays a critical role in guiding the overall direction and philosophy of the youth lacrosse program in DeForest. We are looking to fill several Board positions in order to ensure continuity of the Norski youth lacrosse program, and to bring fresh ideas and new energy to the Board. If you would like to have a positive impact on youth sports and in the lives of children in our town, please consider applying for one of the following Board positions. Previous lacrosse or Board experience is not required! If interested, you will receive support and guidance from the Board to assist you during the transition. For more information, or simply to discuss further, please contact

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1.  Oversees the affairs of all elements of the Norski Lacrosse Club.

2. Presides at all Club meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the club.

3. Receives all mail, supplies and other communications from Badgerland Lacrosse and Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation.

4. Oversee and coordinate all scheduling with other board members, including but not limited to yearly meeting calendar, end of the year tournaments and other events that may arise

5. Oversee and coordinate with members all club related information, including but not limited to announcements, registration, clinics, seminars, articles, etc.

6. Oversee all long-term development and planning.

Vice Presidents of Youth Boys and Youth Girls

1. Presides in the absence of the President and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.

2. Responsible for the coordination of all activities relating to Lacrosse year round.

3. Coordinates and oversees all Team Reps activities, including but not limited to: making sure that equipment is distributed to and returned by coaches in a timely manner; making sure that all uniforms and awards are distributed in a timely manner; making all managers, coaches, and parents aware of all meetings, local rules, and conduct expected at all practices and games.

4. Oversees all Team Rep/Coach activities.

5. Coordinates with and assists the coaches in distributing players of all teams.

6. Coordinates with the parent rep and coaches in making sure that all safety issues are addressed.

7. Coordinates with the Parent rep and Coaches to insure that all managers, coaches and players at all levels are receiving proper instruction.

8. Assists the President in overseeing all Post-season tournaments hosted by NLC.


1. Maintains a register of members and directors.

2. Records the minutes of meetings, prepare in written format, and distribute via email.

3. Provide copies of meeting minutes for each board meeting.

4. Provide attendance roster for each board meeting.

5. Maintain files of all board minutes, attendance rosters, meeting agenda’s, activities

6. Responsible for sending out notice of meetings (coordinates with President).


1. Signs checks as directed by Club By-Laws.

2. Dispenses League funds as approved by Board of Directors.

3. Reports on status of club funds.

4. Keeps club books and financial records.

5. Assumes responsibility for all club finances.

6. Prepares budgets (and coordinates with each budget discipline regarding use of budgets).

Website Admin

1. Manages the Leagues official home page at

2. Ensures that Club news and scores are updated on a regular basis.

3. Works with VP of Boys and VP of Girls to maintain an accurate online membership database.

4. Updates division schedules from Badgerland Lacrosse and VP's and uploads to website.

5. Create custom online forms for use as needed.

6. Collects, posts, and distributes important information on Club Activities to Website.

7. Manages the online registration process (coordinating, updating and maintaining on-line registration).

Equipment Coordinator

1. Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all player equipment.

2. Coordinates with the VP of Boys and Girls, Coaches and Parent Reps to receive all equipment back from the players and coaches at the end of the season.

3. Maintains an inventory of all equipment to ensure that all equipment is returned and that equipment which has exceeded its life expectancy is replaced.

4. Inspects all equipment, removing damaged, worn, or unsafe equipment, and replaces with new equipment.

5. Orders all new equipment.

6. Maintains inventory of reserve equipment.

7. Prepares all coaches toolboxes for distribution each new season with size appropriate equipment for each team

8. Responsible for ordering and distributing all uniforms for players . Will need the quantities, sizes, and colors for each team. Include copies of team order sheets for each manager so they can distribute to players.

Director of Fundraising

1. Responsible for staffing and maintain the concession stand, including work in the stand and training the adult volunteers who can manage the stand.

2. Responsible for ordering/purchasing what is needed to keep the shelves stocked.

3. Responsible for all NLC fundraising and work with community businesses on sponsorship opportunities

4. Continually search for and evaluate new opportunities for NLC to raise needed funds.

Director of Fields and Facilities

1. Work with the coaches, team reps, officials and members of the NLC.

2. Securing outdoor field space for practices and games.

3. Lining and striping fields, moving goals when necessary.

4. Coordinate any maintenance needed with the village of Windsor and any company that is hired to do mowing, weed spraying etc.

5. Order and maintain paint supply for fields and maintain working order for field maintenance equipment.